Marketing Types


In any competitive market, it’s critical that a company be able to distinguish itself through its image. What does your company stand for? What is the quality of your product? What audience do you sell to? All these things need to be communicated through good branding in order for customers to pick your product over your competitor’s. CreationMPH’s branding team is able to service clients of every market.


While it gets a bad reputation, multi-level marketing isn’t fundamentally bad. This form of advertising relies on a chain of third party affiliates distributing a product. It is unfortunately often associated to scams, but is also used by several good actors such as home appliance makers. CreationMPH has helped many world-leading brands implement Multi-Level Marketing distribution strategies, with results often being increases in revenue of more than 7 digits.

Online Presence

Some companies think they don’t need to invest in a proper Facebook or Linkedin page. Unfortunately, while this was true 10 years ago, it’s no longer true in today’s economy. Your online presence is the first thing any prospective employee or customer will see when searching your brand. CreationMPH was initially founded with the goal of helping businesses of all sizes increase their online presence, so that they can then increase their revenues.

Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) is important for most companies, and critical for consumer-facing brands. More than ever, today’s customers are extremely careful of which brand they buy from, and every company, no matter its size, is only a bad move away from destroying its credibility. This is why it’s so critical to maintain a solid PR strategy, to weather even the worst storms. CreationMPH’s team has decades of experience in the field, and will be able to help your company with its PR needs.

Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the ultimate form of advertising when well done because it's of actual interest to the company's target audience. Furthermore, content marketing may subliminally influence customers to purchase the company's products. Content Marketing means creating relevant content (texts, videos, images, etc) and sharing it to potential prospects or customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing strategies. As people spend more and more time on social media, companies need to adapt themselves to be able to target their audiences on social media platforms. CreationMPH has assisted tens of clients to refine their social media strategies, with impressive results.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is possibly the most powerful form of marketing and lead generation since it's essentially free. It consists of playing by the rules of large Search Engines to adapt a company's content, site structure, or pages to be most relevant to the audience. While SEO is tough to master, CreationMPH has one of the best teams in the world to help our clients navigate this tough but powerful strategy.

How Marketing Affects Your Business

A company could have the world’s best and cheapest product, but without proper visibility, the product would never sell.

Several of the world’s leading brands have fierce competitors with identical products and offerings, yet these competitors are unable to overtake them. What distinguishes the world’s leading brands is their marketing and brand recognition.

Marketing is a broad term, englobing several different disciplines such as brand awareness, social media marketing, content creation, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, etc.

CreationMPH’s team covers all aspects of marketing in order to offer a fully synergetic solution to our clients. By choosing CreationMPH, never again will you have conflicts between your different marketing departments, because they will all be fully synchronized in their efforts.

Business Development

Business development is critical for a company in order to unlock new opportunities, or new synergies with other organizations. While at the cross-section of sales and marketing, a good business development strategy is often what makes the difference long term of a company’s growth prospects.



We will help you to make a choice what Marketing Type and Strategy you need to make you product sales more successful and your name recognizable on the market

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